(How To) No BS Top 10 Weight Loss Tips – Presented by MarioFitness.com

Mario Rigby of MarioFitness.com
Our friend over at MarioFitness.com, Mario Rigby, has been kind enough to let us share one of his wonderful workout and nutritional articles. Mario is a professional track & field athlete, representing his country ‘Turks & Caicos Islands’. He is also a Personal Trainer, Sport Conditioning Coach, and works as a NEXT Model. Here is his article on No BS Top 10 Weight Loss Tips:

Most people are finding it harder each day to live a healthier lifestyle and losing weight is usually on top of their wish list. As a result of these unhealthy lifestyle choices people gravitate towards fad diets. However diets don’t work. If they worked everyone that is on it would be thin. All people who are on a diet will eventually go off a diet. According to a new study published in American Psychologist two-thirds of people trying to lose weight with a significantly reduced-calorie diet will gain back that weight – plus some extra pounds – within four to five years.

If your typical weight loss diet looks something like this, you will need to seriously re-evaluate your eating habits:
Breakfast – Coffee/Muffin
Lunch – Salad
Snack – Yogurt
Dinner – Fish with veggies

These limited varieties of food are of low nutritional value. Instead of looking at food as fattening calories look at food as high quality fuel to satisfy your body’s needs. If you enjoy brownies, do not deny yourself of this food but limit the amount you eat. Manage your favorite foods not deny yourself of them.

“Dieting is associated with extreme hunger which can cause further weight problems since your body has to rebel against you not feeding it properly, the symptom is binge eating”.

To lose weight successfully you must do a combination of things to improve your overall lifestyle.

1. Watch your portion size.
The rule of thumb is to not eat until you’re full, but to stop eating when you’re about to become full. Your stomach can only detect if it is full within 20 minutes of eating/drinking the first meal. This is the same for everyone. By eating larger portions earlier in the day you will loss calories even if you ate a substantial breakfast you will make up for it by eating less for dinner.

2. Eat your largest meals early in the day.
I call this the upside down pyramid. Typically the largest meals are eaten at dinner and the smallest at breakfast as lunch times are usually in the middle. Change this so that breakfast is your largest meal and dinner your smallest while lunch is in the middle. By skimping daytime meals you are more likely to over-eat at night.

3. Don’t eat mindlessly.
Eat when your body needs fuel, not when you are bored, stressed or eating food for the purpose of entertainment. Distract yourself by doing something other than eating. You become unusually hungry late at night, so the best solution is to sleep early therefore you will have an excuse to have a big breakfast.

4. Know your body composition.
Knowing how much excess fat you have can help determine an appropriate weight loss goal. Weigh yourself at least once a week but don’t become neurotic about it.

5. Eat Slowly.
The brain takes 20 minutes to receive the signal that your belly is full. Slow eating can save you excess calories and you’ll have time to enjoy your meal.

6. Once in a while eat your favorite meals.
Eat the foods that you love because if you deny yourself of these foods you will end up binge eating. At the same time eat your favorite meals in moderation. To avoid temptation to over eat, try to avoid hanging around the kitchen or standing around the chips and dip at a party.

7. Make a meal plan that works for you.
It’s okay to consume extra calories on days that require you to have more energy, such as a long day at work, extra long workout days, etc.

8. Eat closer to the earth & avoid processed foods as much as possible.
By eating foods that are the ingredient instead of foods that contain ingredients you will burn more calories in the process.

9. Include the “Five” food groups.
For every meal include as many nutrient dense foods as possible and eat at least two kinds of foods for your snacks. Stay away from single foods as this limits your intake in a variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutritious foods. By combining many different nutrients in one meal you are less likely to over eat.

10. Stay Active.
You don’t have to be at the gym everyday to get that cut and lean body you’ve been eyeing in the health magazine. By staying active throughout the day you burn calories. Some activities could include walking to work/home, riding your bike, getting off the bus one stop earlier, walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, etc.

Presented By MarioFitness.com

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