Jon Jones’ (UFC Light Heavyweight Champion) Workout!

Jon Jones is the youngest UFC Champion ever in the history of the sport.
Here is his workout for you to try to add to your routine:


1. Kneeling Clean + Press (2 min. round max reps)
2. Landmine Row (4 sets x 6 reps)
3. Dumbbell Squat Press (3 sets x 10 reps)
4. Turf Sled Push (2 min. round max reps)
5. Power Thrusters (10 each arm)
6. Band Work (2min. round max reps)
7. Knee Jump + Box Jump (2 min. round max reps)

Breaking it down, this is a very unique workout that is also time efficient in that it combines several different motions into one movement. It has very practical applications for everyday and MMA use.

Kneeling Clean and Press forces you to only use your upper body muscles from your hips, while the Knee Jump + Box Jump forces you to explode and jump from a very low starting point to maximize all your muscles in your lower body.

Can’t wait to try this routine out!

-Dan Kai Wah from