Dynasty 2012 Rash Guards Collection Available For Pre-Order Now!

Click HERE to pre-order our rash guards here at our IndieGoGo campaign page!

Who is Dynasty?
My name is Dan and I started Dynasty in 2010 to design unique, Asian inspired pieces to satisfy the urban, fashionable male demographic. Dynasty was created to represent Chinese and Asian culture. For our 2012 Collection, we’re launching the first two rash guards for our Mixed Martial Arts / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fans, but we need your help in order to make it a reality.

Custom Designed Rash Guards for the Elite Athlete
Are you tired of wearing the same rash guard every one else at the gym wears? Ones that fade out after a few washes? I know your pain because I am an athlete just like you and I wanted a great fitting, ink dye sublimated rash guard without compromising on style. Therefore I created my own rash guard designs to wear while tapping out fools on the mats! (Check out our designs below)

What is a Rash Guard?
A rash guard is a form-fitting sports athletic shirt that is comprised of a polyester and spandex blend, worn during sports activities to wick away sweat, keeping the body cool, dry, and odour free, while tightening and supporting the muscles needed to perform at your best. It also prevents skin on skin contact in contact sports, preventing skin diseases and rashes. Our rash guard is geared towards mixed martial artists / Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners, but can be worn by any athlete practicing any sport.

Who is making them?
Armourtech will be manufacturing the rash guards. They are a UK-based sports apparel company (also known as Tatami Fightwear), and most recently they produced the very popular Honey Badger Rash Guard by Meerkatsu. They are known for their top notch quality as evidence by the following reviews:

Review 1 / Review 2 / Review 3

“There is really nothing I can complain about. It is a solid rash guard with great quality.” – GrapplingAddict

“I’m going to put my neck out here and say that this is my favourite rash guard in my collection.” – TheClosedGuard

What We Need & What You Get
We need a small commitment from our fans who are interested in getting their hands on our one of a kind rash guards. We are launching the first two of our rash guard designs to garner initial interest. If it is successful we will launch more designs!

Coral Dragon Saint Armor This rash guard was inspired by Dragon Shiryu from the 1980s Japanese anime “Saint Seiya”, also known as “Knights of the Zodiac” in North America. It features Dragon Shiryu’s all-piercing dragon fist on the right, the indestructible and impenetrable dragon shield on the left, the dragon claw shoulder plate, and the cosmic dragon tattoo on the back spine. However you don’t have to be a fan of the anime to appreciate the intense colours and shades of this design!

Immortal Dragon Chrysanthemum This rash guard was inspired by Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto’s walk out t-shirt in his UFC debut against Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. It features the ever immortal Chinese dragon as the design basis, paired with the natural opulance of chrysanthemum flowers to create a very bad ass but balanced design.

Note: Each rash guard contains our Dynasty “Old School” Chinese calligraphy handwriting logo on front chest, Dynasty “Imperial Seal” stamp on the sleeve, Armourtech patch on the hip, and Armourtech logo on the back neck. We aren’t trying to brand you; we’re letting imitators and copycats know that you’re wearing the real deal, not a fake knockoff.

Size Chart

The Impact
Here are the awesome things that will happen when you choose to support us:

Exclusivity: We are an independent brand, that means you’ll likely be the only person in your city to own one of our exlusive, uniquely produced items.

Support The Economy: Our team at Dynasty is based in Canada and Armourtech manufacturers are from the United Kingdom. We don’t support sweatshops. With your support we can continue to produce wonderful designs for future products knowing that there are awesome people out there who support independent brands.

Authenticity: When you purchase a Dynasty item, you know you are wearing an authentic Asian brand that designs inspired pieces. We’re not a wannabe brand producing played out Japanese kanji words with pseudo-philosophical graphics or other nonsense. This is authentic artwork drawn and designed by martial artists, for martial artists.

The Rash Guard designs are too flashy. Are there other options?
Yes there are. However since manufacturing more options takes more monetary commitment, we decided to produce the two designs that most people wanted first. We have more minimalist designs coming out, so be sure to like our Facebook page to stay in touch with our new products!

I don’t need these awesome clothes, but I want to help out!
If you don’t want to rock one of our bad ass flamboyant rash guards but still think we are pretty awesome, please help us out by linking this page to your friends, family, and your social networks like Facebook and Twitter! Remember to like us on Facebook too!

Click HERE to pre-order our rash guards here at our IndieGoGo campaign page!

Our full line can be found at DynastyClothingStore.com

-Dan Kai Wah from DynastyClothingStore.com

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