The Beauty of Lyoto Machida’s Karate Techniques (3 Slow Motion Videos)


We’ve touched on the effectiveness and the relative esoteric nature of Lyoto Machida’s Karate techniques in MMA before. But instead of explaining them again, we found three example videos that breakdown all of Machida’s techniques that stem from his Karate background for you to dissect and enjoy.

For Karate guys, the concept of “Ikken Hissatsu 一拳必殺” or “to annihilate with one blow”, countering / intercepting an opponent during the start of his motion, is old news. But for those who don’t train Karate, instead of screaming “boring” the next time you watch one of his fights, watch these videos and you may begin to better appreciate just what Machida’s game is all about.

Trips / Takedowns:

Karate trips and sweeps off balance an opponent very easily when they don’t know what to look for.

Signature Knee:

Because Karate lacks a short range weapon, he created one himself to use in MMA in case an opponent came in too close for him to use his punch.

Signature Counter Punch:

Knocking guys out left right and center with the surprise Karate straight punch!

One last note about Lyoto Machida’s Karate in MMA:
It works best when Machida is backpedaling and countering than if he’s attacking and moving forward because Karate attacks in a straight line and can be countered with hooks on the way in. His opponent cannot change the course of his action mid-way through so it is best to counter attack just when his opponent has started moving forward.

Unless, Machida’s opponent times or feints his own attack in order to lure him to counter attack, in which his opponent counter attacks his counter attack (Jon Jones in the 2nd round with an overhand right, Mauricio Shogun Rua in their 2nd fight with a left hook).

-Dan Kai Wah from

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