Simple Workout Plan for Fitness Newbies (or Pros in the off season)

Are you a fitness newbie? Don’t know where to start in terms of formulating an exercise plan? Afraid of sinking hundreds of dollars towards a personal trainer? If you want to start with something simple, easy to remember, and yet intense enough to see results; we’ve formulated an easy to follow guide just for you newbies.

This workout won't turn you into Sexyama... but it's a start.
This workout won’t turn you into Sexyama… but it’s a start.

The plan consists of a basic cardio workout for 3 days, and a basic muscle toning workout for 2 other days, with 2 days rest. It also explains why you should do that workout – and what kind of results you should expect. To top it off, we’ve included some easy pointers for maintaining a diet as well.

It’s not a super complex guide and it won’t turn you into Sexyama, but it’s so easy – anyone newbie can do it. Print it out, and stick to it!

-Dan Kai Wah from