Lyoto Machida “Karate For MMA” Instructional Video Set (Full Download + Extras)

Following up on our previous post, Utilizing Karate for Stand-Up Fighting, we bring you Lyoto Machida’s personal instructional DVD set, “Karate For MMA”. Download them off YouTube with a third party add-on in your browser such as AntVideo or use to grab them while you still can! (It looks as if there’s a Part 4 of this DVD set, but it’s currently not uploaded on YouTube, but we will update this post if we find it!)

As a bonus we’ll throw in these infamous clips on YouTube of just how effective and accurate Lyoto Machida’s Shotokan Karate can be:

He first parries the incoming front kick, causing his opponent to go off balance as he goes for the classic Karate fake punch + thigh sweep combo and ends the round finishing the punch on the ground.

Here he already has scored with the first front kick + punch combo, but since the refs don’t see it land clean enough, Machida immediately foot sweeps and finishes his opponent on the ground again.

Don’t underestimate traditional martial arts (when done right)!

-Dan Kai Wah from

(Download 下載) Shinya Aoki 青木 真也 Super Grappling Techniques (柔術 Vol.1+2)

"Tobikan Judan"

Dan from Dynasty here, with another awesome post for our martial arts fans.

Today I bring you Volumes 1 and 2 of Shinya Aoki’s Super Grappling Techniques series. Shinya Aoki is known as “Tobikan Judan” or “10th degree black belt / grandmaster of flying armbars”. He holds a black belt in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and his amazing grappling technique is coupled with successfully using Eddie Bravo’s Rubber Guard in grappling and MMA competition.

Here is a preview:

In his volumes he teaches how to execute flying armbars, proper clinch technique, choking techniques, and various submissions from standing up and from the mount. It is a marvel to watch and absorb, and it is all here for your downloading pleasure. Links are as follows:

Shinya Aoki’s Super Grappling Techniques Volume 1

Shinya Aoki’s Super Grappling Techniques Volume 2

Unfortunately at this time I can’t get a hold of his Volume 3, it’s not available on the net yet but once I grab hold of it I’ll be sure to share it with you guys!

-Dan Kai Wah from

(Download 下載) Robert Drysdale The Nth Dimension Jiu-jitsu (No-Gi 柔術 6 DVDs)

Dan from Dynasty here, with a post for all our martial arts, MMA, and jiu jitsu friends!

Robert Drysdale, multi-time world and ADCC grappling champion, needs no introduction to BJJ and MMA fans. He has released a 6 volume bible of No-Gi grappling techniques, all for your studying and viewing pleasure, and now I’m here to share it with you!

Here is a preview:

Below are the download links. After downloading be sure to use the proper ZIP program for your computer / operating system to unpack the video files. Enjoy and train hard!







-Dan Kai Wah from