Celebrate Chinese / Lunar New Year with Dynasty “Lucky Red Pockets”!

This Chinese / Lunar New Year 2017 at Dynasty (Saturday, January 28th, 2017), we’re introducing “Lucky Red Pockets” – a very fun way to enjoy our products, and also give the gift of awesome MMA / BJJ gear to your loved ones at a deeply discounted price.

As we know, Chinese or Lunar New Year, celebrated in many Asian countries, is a time of gathering, giving, and spending quality time with family and loved ones. This time of year gives us very warm and gushy feelings, similar to how North Americans would spend Christmas.

This short film perfectly captures what Chinese / Lunar New Year is like for many Chinese and Asians who celebrate it living around the world:

Try not to cry. Lie down and cry very hard.

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Terms and conditions apply. See product description for details.

新年快樂! 恭喜發財!

Dan from DynastyClothingStore.com

Mongolian Bokh Wrestling & Chinese Wrestling – Origins of Sumo, Judo, Jiu Jitsu

We are back with another installment of exploring some of the lesser known traditional martial arts systems in the East Asia region – adding to our collection of exploring Karate, Taekwondo, and Wing Chun techniques and their application to MMA. This one is a good one, as we dive into some of the roots of wrestling / grappling in Asia.

As we mentioned earlier – the Mongolians to the far north actually have the highest chances of doing well in MMA, as they grow up in a warrior culture that forces them to wrestle and farm everyday since they were boys – making them strong, durable, and grappling-centric from the very start.

The Mongolians were the “OG’s” of grappling – Original Grapplers. They were practicing wrestling since before time, and used their superior fighting skills, strength, and conditioning to rule over and conquer many other lands.

But just what is Mongolian Wrestling, and why and how did Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Empire take over most of the known world at one point in time, stretching their influence from China, to Russia, to Turkey, all the way to the doorsteps of western Europe?


Watch this full episode of Kung Fu Quest – Mongolian Wrestling (a documentary series), where three city boys travel to Inner Mongolia to train Bokh wrestling – with English subtitles for the first time, and see for yourself the true power, culture, and intricacies of Mongolian Wrestling.


Interesting takeaways:

  • The Mongolian government made their style of Bokh wrestling, archery, and horseback riding as official sports.
  • Every year in Mongolian societies they would have festivals and gatherings to compete in these three arts.
  • Much like how the Thai government made the art of Muay Thai their national sport. This says a lot – that if a country’s people were to be successful at any given pursuit or sport, such as American wrestling, or Chinese sanshou etc. – it needs to be officially recognized, regulated and taken seriously by the government first, or else it will forever remain a fringe sport or hobby.
  • Mongolian boys are born and trained to do three things in order to graduate to become a real Mongolian man, dubbed “The Three Manly Skills” – they were to master wrestling, horseback riding, and archery as a part of their curriculum and culture.
  • Interesting stop at a Chinese Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling) school in Beijing. For the uninitiated, Chinese wrestling precedes Japanese Judo, Jiu Jitsu by several thousand years in the 1200’s BC era, whereas Japanese Judo, Jiu Jitsu only came into prominence in the 1900’s of the modern era.
  • The three city boys from Hong Kong were no match for the country bred Mongolian wrestlers, no matter how skilled or strong they thought they were. They were too used to their city lifestyle and training methods.
  • It shows that the harsh way of life in living in the countryside, specific wrestling training, and the conditioning of their bodies through diet and horseback riding techniques – produces the best, strongest Mongolian fighters.
  • Real Mongolian masculinity comes from being able to protect your family, loved ones, and being great fighters with skills (skills in other areas of the arts as well).


Stay tuned, as we at Dynasty will soon have our own Mongolian-inspired grappling wear to honour our Mongolian neighbours and brethren, coming real soon. Sign up to our mailing list and be notified when!

– Dan from DynastyClothingStore.com

3x National Shuai Jiao Champ Lavell Marshall shares his “Shaolin Strength” workout

This is a guest post from Dynasty Family Brother, 3-time USA National Shuai Jiao Champion, Lavell “Shaolin” Marshall (@rebelinthewindshaolin). Photos courtesy of Stephon Wilkerson (@xtwenty_twentyx).

Shuai Jiao / Shuai Chiao 摔跤 is an ancient Chinese form of grappling / wrestling, dating back several thousand years (as early as 2697 BC) and is the precursor to Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Its techniques can be seen and have been passed down to much more well known martial arts such as Judo in the west, due to America’s history and relationship with Japan. In addition, the sports-focused evolution of Jiu Jitsu and Judo has given these arts much more visibility and popularity than the lesser known, although much older arts such as Chinese and Mongolian wrestling.

“Shaolin Strength” is an ever evolving training method, or training methods rather that I created to improve the physical and mental performance of any person. I took years of Traditonal Kung Fu, Shuai Jiao / Chiao (Chinese Wrestling) and other martial arts training methods, along with movement, balance, sensitivity, calisthenics, weightlifting and combined with my own ideas and creativity to create this training methodology.

I don’t believe in doing the same routine over and over and over again.

There are certain foundation exercises that we do regularly to build certain muscles and connective tissue (such as squats, push press, thrusters, Kung Fu foundation work, pull up variations, etc.) but the order and their combination during the circuits, I change daily, adding and mixing to create a different “impromptu” feeling to your mind and body.


As a competitive grappler, it’s not about how strong you are, or your speed, agility etc. but rather how you apply it all to what you are doing. When you are fighting against another high level grappler, you have to be able to apply what you have in the most efficient and effective way and be prepared to move and attack / defend at all angles with strength, power and speed.

I see people all the time, who are bigger in size, lifting heavy and then we grapple and I throw them over my head.

They may be bigger but are they really stronger? Is strength how much you lift? Or is it your ability to use and apply these attributes to real life movement and action, during resistance and the constant changing reality we as fighters live in?

Power and strength mean nothing without sensitivity to a fighter of any martial art. So to keep it plain and simple, how can we train the body to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING we want it to?! How can we listen to our bodies and work with what we have? Developing and forcing evolution on our own individual selves and not trying to be copies of others – is key.

Here is an example of a typical session of Shaolin Strength training – remember the workouts are never the same so this particular circuit will always be changed around!


Warm Up
(10x reps each)

– Foam Roll.
– Forward rolls to hop (you hop immediately after you make it back to your feet on the roll, there is no gap or pause in between the movements).
– Single leg forward rolls to a hop (x 10 reps each leg).
– Mobility drills based on Shaolin Kung Fu, dance etc.
– Resistance band throwing drills.
– Movement & Sensitivity work.
– Sweep drills (one person keeps eyes closed and escapes sweeps while the other person with eyes open attacks the legs), kicks, freestyle movement for 2 songs trying to move without pause using stances, footwork, acquired skills, etc.

You have years of movement developed since birth, figure out how to use them and apply them. This is no different than shadow boxing or no-touch sparring movement warm up with a partner except this is more like flow grappling.

Skill Training
(10 minutes)

Choose any skill or skill set you want (flips, hand stand, hand stand walking, single leg drills, V-sit, form work, etc.) and work it for 10 minutes.

Strength Training

– Squats (x10 reps at warm up weight, 3 sets x 4 reps at 80-85% max, 3 sets x 2 reps at 90+% max).
– Clean to Push Press (4 sets x 2 reps at 80% of max, then 3 sets x 2 reps at 80 – 90% of max).
– Push Press (in between sets x 10 reps each leg) of single leg deadlifts, single leg squats, or single leg balance holds, all on a bosu ball.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Circuit
(5x rounds fast as possible)

– Sled drag / pull with anywhere between 3-5 45lb plates. 50 feet drag, 50 feet pull. With the pull drop to a squat / horse stance and pull hard as you can, as it slides to you hop backwards and repeat.
– 7x Tire Flips (after each tire flip, hop to the other side of tire turning 180 degrees in the air so that you’re facing the tire again).
– 10x Sprawl to duck walk to box jump (so in short, do an “up down” a few feet from the box, going right into duck walking then box jump and repeat).
– Barbell complex of 7x high pulls 7x hang cleans 7x thursters (go back to back without dropping bar). Use the amount of weight that you are comfortable with. I make my clients use anywhere from 65-135lbs. Everyone is on different levels. Drop the ego!

After 5x rounds, immediately do:

– 50x lifts / throws of your choice with a partner or throwing dummy.
– Body hardening (100x hits to the body, 50x to the legs and forearm conditioning).
– Horse stance for 5 minutes.
– 3x rounds of as many pull ups and push ups as possible.


Again this is just one day of conditioning but not every day is this intense. Some days are focused more on movement, reaction training, or explosive training. Some days instead of a grueling circuit, we do strength work, balance work, and rounds and rounds of grappling.

It’s all about finding the balance and evolving for you. I base everything around what you do – and then train you to be able to do anything!

– Lavell “Shaolin” Marshall, Dynasty Family Brother

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