Simple Workout Plan for Fitness Newbies (or Pros in the off season)

Are you a fitness newbie? Don’t know where to start in terms of formulating an exercise plan? Afraid of sinking hundreds of dollars towards a personal trainer? If you want to start with something simple, easy to remember, and yet intense enough to see results; we’ve formulated an easy to follow guide just for you newbies.

This workout won't turn you into Sexyama... but it's a start.
This workout won’t turn you into Sexyama… but it’s a start.

The plan consists of a basic cardio workout for 3 days, and a basic muscle toning workout for 2 other days, with 2 days rest. It also explains why you should do that workout – and what kind of results you should expect. To top it off, we’ve included some easy pointers for maintaining a diet as well.

It’s not a super complex guide and it won’t turn you into Sexyama, but it’s so easy – anyone newbie can do it. Print it out, and stick to it!

-Dan Kai Wah from

Inside Look At Cung Le / Rich Franklin Training Camps for UFC Macao (China)

In some ways, the main event fight between Cung Le and Rich Franklin is a showdown between traditional martial arts techniques versus modern martial arts. Cung Le’s fighting style is heavily influenced by Taekwondo and Sanshou / Sanda, whereas Rich Franklin is a more conventional mix of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

An in-depth look at their training methods leading up to the fight:

The rest of the UFC Macao card is sprinkled with Korean fighters and a sole Chinese fighter. Can they come out on top to prove Asian fighters can hang with the best in the UFC?

-Dan Kai Wah from

Lyoto Machida “Karate For MMA” Instructional Video Set (Full Download + Extras)

Following up on our previous post, Utilizing Karate for Stand-Up Fighting, we bring you Lyoto Machida’s personal instructional DVD set, “Karate For MMA”. Download them off YouTube with a third party add-on in your browser such as AntVideo or use to grab them while you still can! (It looks as if there’s a Part 4 of this DVD set, but it’s currently not uploaded on YouTube, but we will update this post if we find it!)

As a bonus we’ll throw in these infamous clips on YouTube of just how effective and accurate Lyoto Machida’s Shotokan Karate can be:

He first parries the incoming front kick, causing his opponent to go off balance as he goes for the classic Karate fake punch + thigh sweep combo and ends the round finishing the punch on the ground.

Here he already has scored with the first front kick + punch combo, but since the refs don’t see it land clean enough, Machida immediately foot sweeps and finishes his opponent on the ground again.

Don’t underestimate traditional martial arts (when done right)!

-Dan Kai Wah from